Trash Boy

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Warning: this clip contains brutal verbal humiliation. It’s designed for REAL losers, the lowest of the low, the most disgusting excuses for men. Not for the faint of heart.Do you know what you are? Worthless. Pathetic. Filth. You’re a hopeless loser unfit to even gaze upon me. A waste of space.It’s time to become useful. Strip out of your clothes, find a trash bag, and cut two leg holes. Look at yourself: a human trash can, finally serving a purpose, even if it’s one of the lowest order. What could be more fitting?Do you think we’re finished here, my walking landfill? Hardly. You’re going to fill up your garbage bag garment, feeling that waste nestle against your body, as I tear apart your ego and destroy any shreds of self-esteem you have left. If you’re a good trash boy and do as I say, you’ll be rewarded with a nice big orgasm. Of course, your semen is the most toxic waste of all, so guess where you’ll be putting it from now on?MP4 * 544 MB * 00:18:43 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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