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Today, I’m going to turn you into a multicummer.. so get your cock ready for your Goddess! Sydney is dressed up in some sexy corset, pantyhose and super high platform heels. She knows exactly how weak you are for her sky high tower heels especially but also perfect ass and legs in pantyhose. This is going to help you build up not one but TWO large cumloads for her. She expects you to perform so start stroking, but slowly, part of this technique is to build up the tension in your balls. She orders you to edge for her ass, stroke nice and slow and build up that horniness slowly, ratcheting it up right up until you think you’re close then STOP! Good, you need to be able to have total control over your cock if you’re going to become the multicummer she wants. Next she’s going to tease you with her tongue, she knows you love her long tonque and continues to lick herself and stroke faster! Now that you’re so close, she’s going to give you the first countdown, and she wants you to get your pocket pussy and fuck it super hard during her countdown. That’s right, give Goddess Sydney a nice big load! Good, now are you ready for the next buildup? She’s going to tease you EXTRA hard during this one to give you extra incentive to blow a second load for her. She shoves her heels right in your face, give you command after command to get you right on the edge again. Will you be able to blow your load again? You had better if you want the title of Goddess Sydney’s Mutli-Cummer!MP4 * 260 MB * 00:20:00 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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