CEI Progressive Trilogy

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This series builds you up, one cum eating step at a time. This trilogy includes: Just a little taste- This is one of my ‘best sellers’. This uses mindfucking, conditioning techniques, and elements of re-programming to turn you into my spunk sampler. I talk about spunk while I arouse you, positively reinforcing your new behaviour towards cum. Drink it up- This clip has a gradual build, it increases anticipation of the act you will perform for me. It uses subliminal messages, and conditioning techniques to manipulate you. I actively motivate you to jerk your dick, and embrace your new cum eating obsession. Eat it all up- Definitely the most humiliating task out of the three. I use my perfect body to tease you, and make you so eager to please me. I’ve used layered audio, erotic moans, and repetition to reduce you into my spunk slurping slut. Want to impress me? Add a Mark-Up Code.MP4 * 2.59 GB * 00:35:06 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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CEI Progressive Trilogy Free Video WithGoddess Allexandra, by GoddessAllexandra
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