Digital Self Destruction

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This intense clip from Princess Miki is loaded with visual delights and contains binaural tones and other audio effects sure to corrupt your weak brain.Do you understand how fucked you are? How real this is? What this addiction is doing to you? You’re so fucked and you can’t get out. You’re digging yourself in deeper every time you come back to your screen and stroke and jerk. And what do you stroke to? Not just any porn, you’re addicted to the kind of porn that focuses on destroying your self esteem and your sex life. And even me reminding you of this turns you on so much. You are actively destroying your sex life as you hump your hand to me at this very moment, reminding you of your addiction.You love that this has turned into your sex life. You’re so addicted that you’re addicted to being reminded of your addiction. You own so many clips that are designed to dismantle every single part about you that makes you human. You’re so addicted to being dehumanized and you can’t stop stroking to it. You’re just a little stroke puppet. A zombie that’s so easily manipulated by brats who completely hate you. We’re ruining your sex life and your self esteem. So much self hatred. And you sexualize it. And you can’t stop, can you?So go on and keep stroking as you engage in all of this digital destruction. Keep stroking to the fact that you keep falling into this hole, deeper and deeper and you can’t get out. You’ll never be able to go back to a life where you’re not attached to your screen and your hand is not attached to your cock, where your mind doesn’t wander all the time to the next time you can stroke to humiliation porn. You can never return to your normal life. You’re so absorbed in this world that you don’t even want to leave. It feels too good to stroke. You just want to hump your hand night after night to your own self destruction.This isn’t just fantasy is it? It’s real. You really are truly addicted. Your cock is throbbing and you can’t stop jerking to your own self destruction. You’re just gooning your life away and it feels so good you can’t stop. You’ll never be able to crawl back out. This dark part of the digital world has destroyed your brain. You can’t think any more. You don’t want to think. You are a slave to this kind of porn. Your cock has been enslaved and therefore your mind has. Your brain has been completely rewired to be controlled by your cock and what your cock wants is more self destruction. You are so fucked my jerkoff addict. Do you really think you can stop?MP4 * 750 MB * 00:10:09 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Digital Self Destruction Free Video WithPrincess Miki, by PrincessMiki
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