Jerk it and Make it Hurt

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You look scared and aroused already, from the second you laid eyes on me. You should be. I have something planned to do with you today. I hope you're ready to play, and I don't play nice so keep that in mind. I'm going treat you like the little sub bitch that you are. You're going to beg and I am going to make you my bitch. I might even let you cum for me today if you're on your best behavior. I'm the boss here, I rule you and you know it. You can't deny that you'd do anything to serve me.Beg me for the opportunity to stroke for me. Once you beg me enough, I'll let you stroke. But first you need to prove yourself. If you want pleasure you get pain too. You want to pleasure yourself to me? Well too bad, I want to watch you hurt. Slap your balls. Hard. Now you can touch your cock. You'll do anything I tell you because you're my little sub bitch. You're going to beg me to allow you to stroke, to hurt yourself, and to cum for me. You're so pathetically desperate to cum for me even after I put you through all this Torment and pain.MKV * 195 MB * 00:17:56 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Jerk it and Make it Hurt Free Video WithMiss Carlie, by MissCarlie
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