Lets Play A Little Game Shall We

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Let’s play a little game, I say, you do. So, if Princess Electra says grab your dick then you grab your dick. If Princess Electra says stop wanking, you stop wanking. I know you are obsessed with me. That’s exactly how I like it. Look at how perfect I am. Start wanking bitch. That’s it. Now stop. How do you like this? Are you getting frustrated? Good! You will do everything I say without question with obedience and gratitude. Start wanking for me, wank it up and down for me. Good bitch. Now stop and sit on your hands. This isn’t a normal edging video; this is your reconditioning. Now start wanking again, look at you jerking so fast to try and cum before I make you stop again. What a loser! Wank again bitch! I know you are dying to cum for me. Maybe I will let you. Keep wanking bitch, that’s it. Now cum for me bitch. That’s it. Now get on that floor and lick it up, do it! That’s it bitch. Now thank me for allowing you this lovely privilege. I’ve had my fun with you, until next time loser!MP4 * 79.4 MB * 00:06:03 * 854x480 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Lets Play A Little Game Shall We Free Video WithElectra Morgan, by ElectraMorgan
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