Birthday Edge Day 4

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You’ve been such a good boy for me haven’t you? Making it this far, I mean after all you clicked on this video. Which means you’re telling me that you really haven’t cum for me yet? Hahahaha…I sincerely doubt it, but what do I care? You’re still here, and I know what that means. You’ll be back. Every time I post something, stroking for me just the way I tell you to. Each time craving to cum for me, more and more, spending more and more. Needing my instructions, craving my cock control. Each time getting weaker, and more addicted to me. Nobody can please you the way that I do, I know that all too well, it happens to you, it happens to every man. It doesn’t matter if you really made it to day 4, because I knew you would buy this anyway, no matter what it is, or what it costs, You’ll always click and spend for Goddess, especially when you’re weak and horny. .MP4 * 243 MB * 00:14:05 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Birthday Edge Day 4 Free Video WithHarley LaVey, by HarleyLaVey
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