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In this scene you’re wearing a secretary outfit (like in “Barry’s Secretary Custom Video”) with long pencil skirt, and doing a traditional type of striptease dance, with lots of hip gyrations. Your undressing is slow and seductive, and you give me plenty of JO encouragement… You can say whatever, but when referring to my male member, always use the word “penis”, rather than “cock” or other slang. You start by taking off your glasses and letting down your hair. Then tantalizingly slowly, unbutton your blouse and remove it, revealing a white bra. My fetish is topless-with-skirt, but you can’t help tormenting me a little. So turning so your back is to me, you start unzipping (I’m assuming there’s a zipper) your skirt. But halfway there, you stop, smile, and say, “I’m just kidding — I know what you want!” So you zip the skirt back up, and take off the bra instead. You turn back around and for the last couple of minutes dance topless, the pencil skirt hugging your figure from your waist down. The scene ends with your smiling and striking a “pinup” pose, with one hand on your waist and the other behind your head, still topless with skirt.MP4 * 122 MB * 00:05:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Secretary JOI Custom Free Video WithIdelsy Love, by IdelsyLove
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