Birthday Edge Day 2

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You know, that I know, how quickly this body can make you give in. It was no sooner than you saw me and my body flash up on your screen that you were dripping precum out of the tip of your cock. Getting weak in the knees the second you saw me. It’s fun really…this affect I have on men, its the same effect I have on you. But i’m used to it, I AM perfect after all. And perfection like tis, it deserves spoiling doesn’t it? Especially on the anniversary of the day I graced the earth. I mean thats why you clicked on this isn’t it? You already know by the title what it is. It’s my birthday week and i’m going to need some extra spoiling. And for that I need you to be extra weak and extra horny. So today i’m going to ease you with your number 1 kryptonite…me. The more you urge to cum, the more generous you become, and thats exactly what I want. Generosity from a man so weak. When they get that weak…they’ll do just about anything 😉 Welcome to day 2.MP4 * 602 MB * 00:21:28 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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