Eyes up here: tease and denial

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POV video of you stripping off some kind of a sexy blouse down to a veryrevealing bra, and then topless -- but you torture me by ordering me tomaintain eye contact with you at all times, and not allowing me to look downat your boobs. Kind of an ultimate tease and denial idea. You rub yourboobs, caress them, dip a finger in between them, play with your hair, lickyour lips, etc. But you don't allow me to look down at them, and wheneveryou sense my gaze starting to fall down to your chest, you remind me with anice-but-firm smile, "Eyes up here" The overall tone is sweet butdominant -- and you even get a little bitchy when you're topless and you cantell I'm desperate to look down and stare at your boobs, so the "eyes uphere" command becomes more stern at that point (but no meanness, please Mandy Flores).Hair in a ponytail if it's not too much trouble. At the very end, you decidewhether to let me have one delicious glimpse at them -- or not -- beforethey're covered up again. Then, as one last twist of the , I'm finallyallowed to break eye contact with you and look down at your chest -- only tosee it covered back up again. Ah, sweet agony...MP4 * 292 MB * 00:11:16 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Eyes up here: tease and denial Free Video WithMandy Flores, by MandyFlores
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