Dont Chicken Out : Cum Eating Instruction

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I know you want to finally follow through and eat your cum for me. How many times you have chickened out before but not this time. Im going to use my body you cant resist to get you to lick up every last drop you drain from that cock for me. It feels so good to stroke to me. I deny you to cum till you cant take it anymore and beg me to cum knowing what will come next. (Custom Clip request) First, while you’re giving instructions or whatever, can you make me stop what I’m doing and wipe up the precum with my finger and then taste it. Second, can you make me say out loud that I am going to eat my cum for you. Lastly, can you have me cum in my hand and have me first dip my finger in it and taste it, then lick up just a little off my hand, then have me lick the rest. I have tried this before, and have always chickened out, but your voice is SO SEXY and if you slowly guide me through it by just eating a little bit at a time, I think I can follow throughMP4 * 476 MB * 00:10:36 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Dont Chicken Out : Cum Eating Instruction Free Video WithMandy Flores, by MandyFlores
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