Risky Business

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Vina Sky is working the receptionist desk at the massage parlor and typing some notes about client bookings. She is not paying much attention to her surroundings. Suddenly a voice saying Excuse me, hi, Im here for a massage? gets her attention, and she looks up a bit startled. When she sees the face of the man who said it, Lucas Frost, her jaw drops. Hes gorgeous! She stands up straight and greets him, while Lucas mentions that hes interested in a Nuru massage. Hes done lots of research about it, and it seems to be right up his alley. Vina jumps at the chance to give him a Nuru massage and sells him on it by explaining the steps of the massage and all of its health benefits. Sold, Lucas tells her - can he just do it right away? Vina looks at her laptop and frowns a bit, saying their schedules quite booked for the next little while. Lucas flirts and says damn, he was really hoping she could be the one to massage him actually. Vina looks down at her laptop and changes the schedule around, saying shes free now. She happily leads, almost drags, Lucas into the private massage room. Vina helps Lucas get undressed and starts to undress at the same time. Lucas tries to help Vina by taking her bra off, but she stops him, insisting that she can do it herself. She explains that theyre not supposed to let clients touch them inappropriately. Lucas backs off and they soon step into the shower together. She begins showering with her handsome client and soaping him down. They make small talk about how he works from home and how he works out. Meanwhile, she shares that shes new to the parlor - shes only been working for a few days. Hes amazed and tells her that he thinks shes doing a good job so far, which pleases her. Vina continues to massage him all over, then work her way down to the back of his legs. When he turns around, his hard-on in her face, she quickly rises to her feet. She reminds him that they have a no-touch policy and that the last girl got fired for doing sexual things with a client - she cant help him with that issue. She doesnt want to lose her job. Lucas is a bit flustered and says that he thought it was part of the whole package, and its not like there are cameras in here, right? He wont tell anybody if she wont, it can be their little secret! He takes Vinas hand and puts it to his dick. Now that shes actually touching it, she cant help herself and agrees to suck his dick. She gives him a playful and affectionate blowjob for a couple of minutes, but when Lucas feels like hes starting to get close to cumming, Vina hears some indistinct voices chattering outside in the hall and she straightens up to standing. She asks if he heard that, and he says yeah, its probably just another customer coming in, they have nothing to worry about. Vina stops everything and insists that they go to the massage mat. Lucas is left looking taken aback as she leads him to the mat. She starts to oil them up and massage Lucas, but now hes eager for more. Come on, nobodys going to walk in, cant she just ride his dick? If anybody peeked in, it might just look like a full body massage. By this point, Vina is aroused and it doesnt take much convincing for her to agree. She readily takes his slippery dick into her pussy to give them the relief they both sorely need!

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Risky Business Free Video WithVina Sky, by NuruMassage.com/FantasyMassage.com - 2018-12-14
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