Your Wife Can’t Play Mind Games Like I Can

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Do you really love her? Do you really love your wife that you sleep next to every night? Wouldn’t you rather be with someone a lot hotter? Someone who can easily take control. Your wife is no fun, let’s face it, she’s boring. She does nothing for you. You wish she would treat you like I do, but she doesn’t know you like I do. You can’t tell her the things you tell me. You’d rather pay me to spend time with me than have sex with her because we both know how much better I am than her. We both know that I can give you so much more than she ever could.I know the thought of paying me while you sleep next to your wife at night turns you on so much. You crave that rush. She bores you, you need something more exciting. And you want to take that risk just for me, don’t you? The things that you would do for me that you would never think about doing for her. Does she ever look this hot? Does she ever tease you the way I do? She just lays there while you do all the work, you hate it, you want something more. You want something more risky and we both know that I can do that for you. And I know how much you love stroking to me, I know how hard I make you. I don’t even have to be there in person and I can get you off much harder than your wife ever could.Admit it, I’m better than her and she could never compare. So do you want to stay with that pathetic woman who doesn’t compare in any way to me, or do you want to spend your life worshiping a true goddess who can make you feel things you never could with her? We both know what feels right. There is no choice here, you already know the answer, you’re just too scared to take the leap. You’re too scared to leave her. But if you stay with her, you’re just going to waste more time trapped in that boring relationship, when you could be with me. You can give me all of your cash and I can make you feel things she never could.I can make you cum harder than she ever could. You love just how easily I can get in your head, your wife isn’t good at these mind games like I am and you love the mind games. You can’t get me out of your head. I will always be there in the back of your brain no matter how hard you try to get me out. You will never be able to escape this addiction that you have to me. For as long as you’re with your wife you’ll be hiding it, wishing that you had the balls to dump her. So why don’t you? Dump her for me. Leave her. You don’t need her. You need me.She’s so boring and you can’t deal with it any more. A young hot brat like me can do so much more for you. So be a good boy and leave her. Leave her for me. It would feel so good, it feels good just thinking about it. You can’t say no to me, there’s no point in trying. I’m the one who you think about, I’m the one who you pay, and I’m the one who makes you cum so hard. You’re just wasting your time with her. It’s time to accept the fact that you truly do want to leave her so you can spend all your time in front of your computer with me. It would feel so much better. You wouldn’t have to hide any more. Stop wasting your money on her and waste it on me. I know how bad you want me, so give in to my hot young body and dump your wife.MP4 * 772 MB * 00:10:27 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Your Wife Can’t Play Mind Games Like I Can Free Video WithBratty Lindsay, by BrattyLindsay
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