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Let’s do something a little “off the normal menu”.  I like mixing it up a bit.  I want you to worship Me by doing as I say and lick up all the cum I make you squirt.  That’s right, you’re going to lick up every drop for your Goddess but first, I’m going to put you into a very suggestible state of mind.  You’re going to be completely under My influence.  Watch My huge tits while you stroke the way I tell you to.  You start leaking precum.  Oh you’re going to lick up all of that as well.  Keep stroking until I give you a cum countdown, nutting all over your hand.  Then…you guessed it- you’re going to lick your hand clean for your Goddess.  Every. last. drop.  Now thank Me for allowing you to do it.  Good boy.   MP4 * 312 MB * 00:17:03 * 1920x1080, Jerk off me Watch Online

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Mesmerized CEI Free Video WithEmpress Elle, by EmpressElle
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