Fastened, Locked to the Ground

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NOTE: New store Lucid Dreaming. I’ve worked on it myself. Lucy’s an excellent student, she’s wicked hawt, and taking sessions now.**An uncommon clip since this idea has blossomed into a deep fetish for myself, having you like this (for insight on this, see Pump For Class President).You are perfectly gagged with my special boutique gag system. Your mouth is fastened to the ground. Locked. I need no other bondage, you are forced prostrate and locked into submission. This is how I want you touching yourself. Play along at home, I tell you how. Lock those lips to the floor, and do what I say.MP4 * 379 MB * 00:08:36 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Fastened, Locked to the Ground Free Video WithMandy Marx, by MandyMarx
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