A Picky, Picky Home Buyer

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By the time Chucks 56th home viewing rolls around, real estate agent Catalina Ossa is desperate to end the year-long search. Chuck is picky, very picky, but Catalina knows she has found him the perfect house. Though the house matches all of his criteria, Chuck still finds cause to complain, so Catalina calls him out. When she offers him a blowjob, Chuck realizes that post-nut clarity might be how he makes the purchase. Catalina dutifully takes her clients cock out, and gives him a sloppy blowjob, then lets him finger and eat her tight pussy. Catalina bounces her booty up and down on Chucks cock until hes ready to cum on her face! With Chucks facial on her face and tits, Catalina gets the answer she wanted: Chucks ready to buy!

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