Molding Young Minds Into My Ass Addicted Stroke Zombies

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I love getting to you while you're still so young. So young and already so addicted to me. And I know you little boys just can't resist jerking your dick, that's all you do all day long. While all of your friends are out partying with hot girls, I know you just sit at home and you jerk for me all day long, don't you? Just jerking and jerking to my perfect fucking body. Your young impressionable little mind is going to be so easy to fuck with all day long. You're going to be jerking and jerking for me literally all fucking day.So start jerking to my perfect ass. I know how much you love this ass. I want you to stare at it and jerk. Jerk to my ass loser. I know it's so irresistible. You're so horny for my perfect ass. I know you can't stop jerking to it. You're so young and so addicted to me and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. My ass makes you so horny that all you want to do is stay in and jerk to it, my young addicted little jerk zombie. And I'm not going to stop teasing you with this ass, why would I? I want you edging and edging to it all day long. I love knowing how easily I control you and how easily I can turn you into my little jerking zombie. You're an addicted ass worshiping loser for Princess Mabel. And you love it.You're such a loser for me. Now stop jerking. If you want to jerk to me all day, you're going to have to stop when it starts feeling too good. I'm going to teach you control through tease and denial. I want to make sure that you're an addicted little jerker for me. Now start jerking again, but slowly, slowly jerk it to me loser. I'm controlling your cock and I'm controlling your mind, slowly manipulating you into what I want you to be, a young, addicted ass worshiping stroke zombie for Princess Mabel. Jerk it to my perfect ass loser. It feels so good to jerk to me. You don't ever want to stop, do you? I know you love it.You can't resist my perfect ass, can you? You can't stop jerking to it. You're so fucked. Keep edging loser. Edging is how you're going to be able to worship me all day long. And when I finally do let you cum, when I tell you that you're a good boy, that you're my jerk zombie, I promise you it's going to be the best orgasm you've ever had. My ass worshiping tease and denial instructions are going to make your cock explode like never before and then you're truly going to be addicted.Stop jerking. Watch it twitch and throb in the air as your eyes follow my ass around the screen lol! Now beg me to let you jerk it again. Go ahead, stroke it fast for my ass. That feels so good, doesn't it? What's going to happen to you when you get older if you're already so addicted to my ass now? With each furious stroke you're only getting more and more addicted to my perfect ass. It feels so good to keep stroking to me. Do you wanna cum for my ass? Beg me to cum. Good boy. Cum for my ass and tell me who fucking owns you. You're so fucked loser. Now you truly know who owns you, me and my perfect ass. You're going to be addicted to me for the rest of your life and I'm so glad I got to you while you're still young. It means you're going to have more years to be my good little boy.MP4 * 1017 MB * 00:13:50 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Molding Young Minds Into My Ass Addicted Stroke Zombies Free Video WithPrincess Mabel, by PrincessMabel
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