Ballbusting CBT with Chun Li

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I think W/we both know how strong and irresistible My legs are to you. You have seen how long, toned and powerful they are! I bet a submissive little bitch like you has spent countless hours dreaming of the privilege of getting your ass kicked by a woman as sexy as Me with legs this perfect! Just look at how long, slender and well toned they are! You know I could take you down with just a couple of kicks, and you would thank Me for the honor of being My personal kicking bag.Well, I think it is finally time for Me to make your wildest dreams come true by giving you the experience that you so fucking deserve… the full and complete power of my legs to your balls! So, get down on your fucking knees right in front of Me. Look up at My endless legs, take a moment to worship the body that is about to destroy you, and then relax so you can more fully enjoy the experience of what is about to happen. You’re My toy now and I promise I will show no mercy and will leave you down on the floor begging Me for more of this blissful pain. Happy Halloween My little submissive!MP4 * 725 MB * 00:10:02 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Ballbusting CBT with Chun Li Free Video WithEmpress Mika, by EmpressMika
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