Stroking you Empty

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Allow the perfection of these breasts to empty your mind of all thoughts, I want you to STROKE and enjoy My perfection, it’s all for you! STROKE and empty that soft mind for Me, drain that brain with every slide up and down your desperate dick.Letting go of your thoughts as you stroke, letting of anything in My way…including her. The more you stare into the abyss of this cleavage the more she leaves your mind.It is about Me, these tits. The cadence of My voice is irresistible, the look in My beautiful eyes is magnetic, you are plugged into Me, STROKING your brain so EMPTY, stroking your balls so FULL.These voluptuous tits, truly the breasts of a GODdess, she cannot compare, it is no ones fault. My soft whispers draining your mind of all thoughts of her. Stroking yourself dumber, you’re stroking your HARD trembling cock emptying your mind of all thoughts of her, there is only room for TWO bouncy, juicy things in your broken, almost vacant mind…Cum on My trigger and you will drain your brain and your balls until all of you is empty. EMPTY for Me, by Me. There’s only ever room for Me…MP4 * 188 MB * 00:18:09 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Stroking you Empty Free Video WithGoddess Madam Violet, by GoddessMadamViolet
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