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No you’re not seeing double, I’m here with my friend Ashley and we her to take over your cock with our amazing asian ASSets! Sydney and Ashely are dressed in amazingly sexy black leather and boots, ready to tell you exactly how to work that pathetic cock for them. You know how lucky you are to even be allowed to obey their commands, so you had better do what they say, they might just take pity on you this time. But of course, you’re here to amuse them with your little dick, and there’s nothing funnier than leaving you frustrated and teased into a state of oblivion! They order you to start off slow, and admire their sexy asses and sky high heels. Ashley loves rubbing her ass in your face, making sure you know you’ll never ever get anything close to her ass. Not with that little penis. But you can stroke it to them while they tease and humiliate you! They both seem to take a sadistic delight in taunting you about whether or not you get to cum at all. Do you really think you deserve to, loser? Or should little dicks just be kept teased and frustrated? Find out at the end of this long, frustrating double small dick humiliation session!MP4 * 249 MB * 00:12:10 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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DOUBLE TROUBLE SPH Free Video WithAstroDomina, by AstroDomina
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