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Mistress Katarina and I have been enjoying our weekend at DomCon and were lucky enough to find you downstairs in the hotel lobby. It is clear that you have no idea what a Dominatrix is which means your path to slavery is going to be hard for you. The first step for you becoming our slave is that you will need to learn to worship our feet and toes. It is so cute how innocent you are and it is obvious that two superior and dominant women overmatch you. We want to make you into a good little piggy and so you will practice making the noises and enjoying the filth of our dirty stinky feet and covered in our spit. Maybe we will be generous and let you stroke your dick with your piggy fingers but you still have so much to learn.MP4 * 128 MB * 00:05:39 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Useless P1ggy Free Video WithStella Liberty, Mistress Katarina, by StellaLiberty,MistressKatarina
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