Foot Puppy

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You're crawling behind Sydney today, admiring her feet and legs in her sexy summer sandals. She notices you and asks how much you love her feet. Get up close and have a good look. You see, Sydney has you locked in chastity, so you can look and obsess all you want, but your little dick will hurt and throb in it's confines.She loves teasing her locked up foot puppies, she knows your brain functions on her feet and she can do anything she wants with you with just a wiggle of her toes. She orders you to sniff and kiss her feet, it's all you desire. She wants you to focus only on her feet while you're chastized. She wants you throbbing and desperate.Do you think you could withstand her relentless teasing? Are you really ready to be Sydney's foot puppy?MP4 * 469 MB * 00:10:41 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Foot Puppy Free Video WithAstro Domina, by AstroDomina
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