Once You Take A Loser Facial, You’re Going To Want It Again

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I love it when boys eat their own cum for me, when they take their warm sticky loads down their throat, to lick up their mess with their tongue. It’s just so hot, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. And you’re not just going to cum somewhere and lick it up, you’re going to take it straight from your cock. You’re going to give yourself a facial. Legs above your head, stroking that dick, mouth wide open just waiting for your own load.I want you to do it whether you like it or not and I know you want to be a good boy for me. So make sure you’re in a position where you can get your legs up over your head and jerk it right into your mouth. You should be excited for this. Making boys eat their own cum is one of my favorite things to do. And trust me, after you do this, you’re going to be begging to eat another load for me.Stroke it. I’m going to turn you into a cum slut, you understand that right? I’m going to make you ache to eat it for me. Good boys always eat it and you want to be my good boy with your mouth open, tongue out, licking up every drop. You love being degraded like this by a hot girl like me. You live to humiliate yourself in the worst ways for me. But the truth is, you’re a little cum eater, craving your own loads, you just need some encouragement. You just need someone like me to tell you exactly how to do it. And I know that once we’re done, you’re going to want more and more, practically begging me to watch you swallow your entire load.Jerk it my little cum slut. You should be so excited to eat that load for me. It’s a privilege to be able to eat your own cum right in front of me. I love to watch you swallow it in the most fucked up humiliating way, your legs over your stupid face, just jerking your dick waiting for your stupid load. I’m going to make sure you take all of it. You’re going to be the biggest cum craving slut. I’ll bet after this you’re going to want all of your loads like this. And even though you know you’re going to look so fucking stupid, I know you’ll do it each and every time. All you need is a little bit of encouragement from me.Pump it faster, I know you’re getting close, make sure you’re in the position, ready to cum straight into your fucking mouth. Look right up at your dick with your tongue out. I’m going to count you down as you jerk it in your face. Get yourself to the edge with your legs up high and your mouth open. Here is comes my little cum slut. Cum right into your fucking mouth and all over your face. Taste the disgusting fucking jizz. I know your face is covered with your own sticky hot mess, now take some and lick it off. I know you loved that. You’re so pathetic.MP4 * 686 MB * 00:09:12 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Once You Take A Loser Facial, You’re Going To Want It Again Free Video WithBella Park, by BellaPark
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