British Beauty Mesmerize

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Look at my beautiful face, and listen to my voice while i talk to you. Notice how my voice reverberates around your brain, penetrating the outer layers, and then slipping deeper and deeper into your mind, piercing your core, and unsettling your soul.I have used certain trigger words, which are repeated, in order to train you into my stroking puppet. You will accept your new life, as my little jerking slave. Everything else seems insignificant, this is your destiny.This also uses positive conditioning techniques. You will attribute feelings of pleasure and to bliss to serving me, being my stroke minion. This is your new life, forget any misery and emptiness you had before me.I inspire you to be a better submissive/slave. You will be motivated, aroused, and happy. This focuses on sensual domination, pleasure, goddess worship, face fetish, slave training. This clip uses whispered audio, layered audio, positive conditioning, and trigger words. Best listened to with headphones, and in a dark room.Add One because I Deserve it.MP4 * 753 MB * 00:10:29 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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British Beauty Mesmerize Free Video WithGoddess Allexandra, by GoddessAllexandra
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