Pretty Privilege

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This is a rare insight into my life. None of my clips are ever just fantasy, they are always from my experiences. However, this one gives you a glimpse into how i became my bratty self.I'm going to give you some snippets from my past. The power i have over men turns you on, i know you will be jerking to this clip. I've always got exactly what i wanted, and it only gets better.I know i'm your favorite British brat. It's not an act with me, and you can just tell. I'm going to tell you how easily i get what i demand out of addicts like you. You're just so easy to wrap around my little finger.I'm not going to sugar coat it, i will tell you exactly how it is. You will definitely be put in your place. My bragging, well, that only makes your cock even more aroused.Add a Mark-Up code, send a tribute, buy more clips. You were put on this earth to make my life easy, so do it.MP4 * 588 MB * 00:08:00 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Pretty Privilege Free Video WithGoddess Allexandra, by GoddessAllexandra
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