Dare You Not To Stroke Part 2

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You know how this works..you’ve lost another challenge before haha! No matter what I do or say you are not allowed to stroke your cock. I know my red lips look delicious, I know my blonde hair and perky tits make you hard and horny but remember : You’re NOT allowed to stroke. Can you resist me? When you start breathing heavy, when your hand starts to slide inside your pants, wanting to reach your cock, wanting to stroke it. It would feel so amazing but…but what ? You lose 50$ if you start jerking off. You don’t care about money right now..all you care about it the ache, the inch inside your pants that you can’t control anymore.Will be strong enough ?MP4 * 951 MB * 00:11:33 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Dare You Not To Stroke Part 2 Free Video WithCarly Queen, by CarlyQueen
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