You Crave To Be Ruined By Me, Don’t You? You Stupid Addicted Fucktard

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You must know that you are so ruined for me. So completely fucked that there’s no way for you to turn back. You’re so addicted to my perfection. Look at me and admit how ruined you are. You’re just a little weak shell of a man. There’s nothing left in your life but me and you are completely ok with it. In fact, you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? Weak beta men like you deserve to be ruined. You deserve to be denied and then totally destroyed.Do you really think that you stand a chance at a normal life when I exist? My perfection owns your mind, owns your cock, rendering yourself totally useless. It’s just so easy for me, when you look like I do, men like you don’t stand a chance. Stroke to my beauty, stroke to my body, stroke to your life that’s in shambles, totally ruined. You don’t stand a chance, you never stood a chance. From the second you watched my first clip, saw my first photo, whatever the fuck it was that drew you in, once it was done, you were ruined then, a long, long time ago.Your whole pathetic life is nothing more than an extended little strokefest, that’s it. No woman will want you ever again. You’re ruined, useless, after years of stroking. You really are pathetic. Now I want you to beg to get down on your knees and worship my perfect ass as you sit there and shrivel up and cry about how ruined and pathetic your life is. My ass is the one good thing that you have. So you cling to it. Down on your knees. Cling and beg to worship my perfect tight ass. The ass that we both know you’ll never be good enough for.Stroking to my ass is what you live for. It’s the best thing that weak little stupid addicts like you have to look forward to. When you’re here stroking, all of your problems go away. Stroke to me. Stroke to what you’re always thinking of, what you’re craving. And the cravings don’t stop, do they? You can’t resist. You have nothing else to live for besides stroking to my ass. It’s the one thing you have in your otherwise meaningless existence.Not a day goes by where you don’t stroke to my ass. Keep stroking loser. It’s almost time for you to have your pathetic stupid orgasm to my ass. And you’re so lucky to have the opportunity to do so, aren’t you? Blow your useless load to my ass. There you go, every drop. Good boy. You’re so stupid. Admit that my ass owns your pathetic disgusting life. Look at what it just did to you. It was so easy. Nothing else makes you feel this good, does it? Everything else in your life is ruined without me.MP4 * 744 MB * 00:10:04 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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You Crave To Be Ruined By Me, Don’t You? You Stupid Addicted Fucktard Free Video WithGoddess Lindsey, by GoddessLindsey
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