Triggering Premature Ejaculators Into A Sexless Existence Instructions

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Up until now you’ve always been ashamed of being a premature ejaculator. Well not today my little spunk machine because today, I’m going to encourage your habit. I’m not going to totally annihilate you for it, in fact I’m going to positively reinforce your speedy spunk session. And you might want to know why I want you to cum really quickly. Well, you’ll be part of my army, my addicted spunk jerking drone with your sex life totally ruined. You won’t be able to satisfy a woman with that spunking speed. No, instead you’ll spend your days dedicating your life to me, jerking to me, even if you can’t last longer than a minute. You will be addicted and I will be your trigger.I will have penetrated your weak, vulnerable mind. You will be mine. Wrap your hand and dick and start jerking for me as you stare at my perfect body. I want you to give in to all of your bad impulses. It feels so good to be my wanking, jerking drone. My puppet, my toy, my everything. Just give in. Just look at me and jerk your dick.Look at my perfect pretty face, and my soft round breasts as you jerk your dick up and down. Jerk it. You will give all of yourself to me. You don’t care about your sex life, you didn’t really have one any way. You’d rather be mine. Keep jerking it to me. Work your dick for my tight little body. Beat that dick for me. Jerk it to my ass. You don’t have to pace yourself any more. Just give in.Pump it to my hot young body. Let your impulses take over. It feels so fucking good. It feels so good to be my jerking drone. I want you to be quick my little spunk machine. I want you to be fast. I want you to just let go. Jerk it faster. Think about how good it’s going to feel when you cum. Think about cumming again and again for me. Quicker and quicker each time. I’m training you to be a faster and faster cummer for me. I want you to work on bringing your time down. I want you to make it your goal to see how fast you can cum for me. I’m going to break you. Now cum for me. I want you to do this over and over. I want you cumming quicker each time you watch this video. You’re going to be my little premature ejaculator for the rest of your life.MP4 * 591 MB * 00:07:59 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

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Triggering Premature Ejaculators Into A Sexless Existence Instructions Free Video WithGoddess Allexandra, by GoddessAllexandra
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