My hung stud takes Me in the ass

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You know that ONE thing I won’t do with you? Well guess what I did today? I did it! And I made sure his cock was REALLY big too. you know I won’t let your cock anywhere NEAR Me, especially My ass. That’s why I let one of My hung studs fuck Me deep in the ass with his giant cock. I just LOVE to tease you with all the juicy details too… explaining how he got Me all worked up to be able to take his big cock in My ass. See, other than financially supporting Me by paying for My waxings, lingerie, and vacations with other men etc., you’re really not good for much at all. A man’s worth is determined by his cock, and you don’t have a cock that could satisfy ANYONE, especially not Me! My stud even chimes in at one point to put you in your place… yep, he’s in the room with Me right now 🙂 We’re here to help you get the ball moving on our upcoming luxury vacation… all of which YOU will be paying for. Oh and there’s no way you’re going with us… you’ll be staying right here at home where you belong!MP4 * 789 MB * 00:13:32 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online

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My hung stud takes Me in the ass Free Video WithPrincess Lyne, by PrincessLyne
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